What is Build-a-Blade?

Imagine a blade server you can build yourself or buy fully configured to your specs, but uses a a third to a fifth of the power compared to conventional server solutions. This is what we offer, a system that is the first of its kind. BAB is flexible blade chassis system that is designed around industry standard Mini-ITX and Thin Mini-ITX components offering a low power alternative (25 watts per blade or less) to expensive and proprietary commercial blade systems.

It offers long term ROI, far exceeding traditional blade systems and is a platform that runs on AC or DC power, making it suitable for remote or green applications. It features architecture that allows you to mix blade hardware configurations in a single chassis and is a scalable solution that can support small business needs, OEM applications, and server/rendering farm deployments. BAB offers a unique solution for cooling and power consumption problems that plague server rooms and is a RoHS compliant product proudly designed and made in the USA! We offer starter kits for do-it-yourself blade systems as well as fully configured systems to your specifications.

See our website www.buildablade.com


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